Hey I love Styling

Hey I love Styling

So one of the reasons I’m back in a bricks and mortar store in The Retro Room, is that I missed styling people.

I missed the connection, using my intuition, working out your colour palette and finding the perfect shaped retro inspired dress just for you.
It starts with a conversation, are you looking for anything in particular, a special occasion or…?

As we chat I understand what you want and more importantly, what you like. Do you wear waisted dresses, A-line or straight through styles? At this point I usually hear things like, I like sleeves or hemlines below the knee, so i show you a sleeved frock, a little cardie,  a longer skirt length or pantyhose to cover those knees.

By this point I’m getting a good vibe of what you want. Then I ask, is there anything that you like here or stands out for you? So once I get you trying on what has piqued your interest I can see the sillouettes that will work for your body. My eye and intuition kick in and I go hunting in my store for a few options. I can usually tell if a woman likes to bling it up or earth it down and of course it can depend on the occasion.

There is no right or wrong; you are you and that is always exactly perfect. To bling it up I add crystals, pearls, more colour, larger jewellery, strong contrasts, bright shoes, shiny bag or coloured/patterned stockings. To Earth it down I use wooden accessories, tonal colours, natural tans, nude or black in shoes and bags, a denim jacket, boots, small and simple accessories or even just your usual jewellery. Sometimes the dress says it all and nothing more is required.

The key to styling is experimenting and playing, trying things on, picking a colour in the fabric and adding accessories, trying something that you wouldn’t expect and make it yours.

I see what’s “in fashion” and that’s perfectly fine, but I believe in style, staying classy, being unique, wearing what suits your shape and colouring. Be brave to test something new, step out of your comfort zone even if it’s just putting your toe in the water. The first step always feels risky, but once you’ve worn that outfit out and people have noticed, you feel great and had a marvelous time you will see the value in retro inspired styling.

Hey I’m so happy I can help

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